About Us

Edenek is a reflection, an extension of the world as I see it - minimal and striking, bold and stunning. Edenek, meaning 'paradise around my neck', is derived from a combination of the words Eden and Neck. It is an endeavour that strives to convey the medley of my passion for concrete, structures, geometry and jewellery. - Heta Patel | Edenek 

If you can live in it, surround yourself with it and adopt it, then why not mould it into wearable art that enhances? Making a statement with jewellery sculpted from concrete to etch a fashionable presence is the primary purpose at Edenek, a contemporary designer jewellery brand spearheaded by Heta and Krupali. 

Launched in June 2020, the ideology that shaped Edenek is deceptively simple: to revolutionise the way we look at concrete by using it to create hand-crafted pieces of jewellery that tell a story. 

Concrete, in the form that we see it, has traditionally been used to create structures that bind and shelter. In more recent times, enterprising minds have used this sturdy material to create designs that meld functionality with design. Edenek raises the bar by adapting concrete to its most refined form to create concept-driven signature pieces that are fashionable and lightweight. These jewellery pieces aim to transport the wearer into a realm beyond the mundane while silently supporting the need for sustainable jewellery. 

Every piece is conceptualised with the intention of nudging the wearer and admirer to change their perception about things that surround us and initiate conversation. 



Every product we put out is 100% handcrafted by a team of highly skilled artisans and craftsman to achieve high measures of finesse, beauty and quality.

With every collection edenek launches, we challenge ourselves to produce designs that break norms and create fresh powerful stories that read with women from all over the world. And that is the edenek design aesthetic!



Edenek offers a beautiful range of special handcrafted pieces that make perfect gifts for your loved ones. The box contains extra adornments with jewellery that require them, a care card, that gives you instructions on how to care for your jewellery It’s nothing short of luxury!

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